Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lighten up!!!!

Jeepers!! (a new word i learnt from a guru young hip psychic) but lovely to say..
why so glum. Life is too short but most often its so hard to laugh at..really if I just lightened up. Laugh out load. Go nuts - find the inner child and go frolick on the grass.
Damn people!!! nothing is so heavy that it needs to take over your whole being. We have a choice - this I learnt throughout my life. I can choose to have a jol, i can choose to laugh and I can choose to be miserable. Sometimes and you get bogged down in surviving rather than living. Eating an ice-cream when its melting all over your hands. Or taking a walk on the beach and instead of keeping clean you run in the surf get wet and messy.
You got to look at life like a cupcake. Just dive into it. See the sweetness, the beauty, and dodging the addiction of just eat it up and in the end you have a messy face and sticy fingers to show for it.
Get into life - get dirty and be free....
Like this inspiring creators of messy monkey - who now makes a living and has an international company that thrives on play. Making money and freeing up participants to the fabuliciousness of their inner child.
My all time favourite - eat a mango naked !! wow what an experience.
play jump eat project has inspired me to go play jump and eat.
check it out:

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